Sunday, September 7, 2008

As time goes on, and on, and on.......

Seems like I just started back to work and already it has been three weeks! For the most part my classes are going well. I am teaching a unit on animal habitats. The children seem to enjoy what I have prepared. One exciting new thing this year is a new class I have added. The speech therapists and I have gathered some of our children who we think are trapped inside their bodies. These children are very physically involved. Motor skills are so limited. Some can barely move a portion of their bodies. Some move too much and can't control the movement. They range in age but all have one thing in common- they want to learn. They got so excited during our first class. We talked about animals that live in the Utah deserts and mountains. The only response these children can give is to answer yes/no questions. Not with their voices but with some slight movement that the therapists have taught them to mean yes or no. They all got the concepts that were taught in the class. They all answered correctly. Best of all they were so proud of themselves. It was very cool.I think that I may have the ideal job of the whole school.However, half way through the week I kind of feel like this....
PhotobucketOh well! Not everyone can be retired!!!!
There is always another class to see. Always more preparation to tweak. But I guess I wouldn't have it any other way. I still have time for my true loves-Robert, my kids and grand kids and singing! If you come to visit me you might find me either with my computer, making jewelry or basically looking like this!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We are all connected

I am going to wax a little 'yoda-ish' right now. Since he is a wise, introspective creature. I have been thinking of us as a human race. We are all diverse. We all have our own special difficulties and challenges to work out. Some of these challenges are obvious, some are fairly hidden and come to the surface only on occation. Never the less they are there!
But, we are all connected by invisibel strands, or ties. We may act or react in a way we feel best justifies our cause or feelings, but we impact those connected to us. We have no choice in this. It is the natural law or consequence. So I guess my challenge to myself and those out there is this....
Before you act, consider the possible ramifications of your actions. Will it be in a positive or negitive manner? I am not saying spend days, years thinking of every single thing you do. But you know when you are full of righteous indignation and feel you must prove a point. A few minutes of reflection may save days of hurt feelings.
Ok I am putting away my serious side. The crazy side is right around the corner.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

No I have not moved away forever

This is Sam. Sam is my great big black cat. As you can see Sam knows how to enjoy life. He finds a cool place to put himself and just hangs out. I am trying to learn from Sam. This summer I have tried to just hang out and not sweat the small stuff.

No I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. I am just following my same old same old about journaling. Which is; I haven't been! I just feel that I have nothing of great importance to report. What can my posterity learn about me? That I can putter around the house and be a grandma like the best of them? Seriously, I have been adjusting to having Robert home with me. Suprisingly it has been a fairly easy transition. He is so very happy. That is wonderful. Since my last post I wll list my major events in my life. Don't get very excited-they are few and small.
The 4th of July was a big family day. The girls threw a retirement party for their dad. The grandkids played in the water and had a water balloon fight. My girls brought over some fireworks for the kids to watch. Mom and Jarvis came and we all had a yummy Bar B Que. We did get anxious and lite the fireworks before it got really dark. The kids were getting tired and wouldn't have made it without going crazy! I have a great family.
The second week of July Rob and I went camping for a week in Southern Utah at Duck Creek. We had an enjoyable time-riding on ATV's, hiking, rock hunting etc.
Over the 24th of July Kristy and Robert teamed and cooked a 'Mexican Fiesta' feast. It was impressive. Tamales, enchelottas, margaritas-the works. The kids all came and everyone was full and happy.
The next two days were all about the choir and the Pioneer celebration. Guest artists were the Osmond family. I totally enjoyed the whole weekend. I think Robert did also. He had more contact with the family than I. Being backstage has some good perks.
August 1 was my birthday. To some it would appear a very lame day. To me it was a peaceful, pleasant day. Kristy surprised me with a home made birthday cake. Then Jill and her kids and Sarah and her kids joined Kristy in wishing me a happy birthday and enjoying the cake and ice cream. Rob and I had a quiet day. He has given me the go ahead to order an update to photoshop. I am very excited about that!
Then yesterday my girls took me out to Aristo's for lunch. I loved the company as well as the food.
Now you can see that I haven't changed the world, but, I have had a summer that I have enjoyed. Soon it will be time to start school again and life will be crazy again. I plan to treasure these last few non stress days!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Marching to the beat of his own drum

For those who know and love Robert, you may appreciate this. Retirement is usually a very dignified if not stuffy occasion. You have your tributes (everyone is great when they retire or die). You have your awards. You have your retirement parties with all your colleagues. Well, most of you may do this-but not Robert. He wanted to do it his way.
First off he would not confirm which day would be his last. Some thought it was today, some thought it was in two weeks, some thought it was next year. What's a party planner to do! Next he said NO PARTY!!! Frustrating to the designated party planner, poem writer and general razzes. Then about a week ago, every afternoon when he clocked out he would rip off is shirt like the hulk and discard it in the trash can at the P.O. for all to witness. Buttons and fabric flying everywhere! Then he would exit in his holy undergarments for home.
Finally the last day arrived. This is a little history to appreciate the story In Salt Lake City it is dang hot to be a mail man. 100 degree weather is no fun to walk in everyday. Tucked in shirts soon become sweaty and uncomfortable. So, many of the carriers untuck their shirts to let whatever breeze there may be cool them. Now my Robert seems to attract attention. Especially around insecure authority. His supervisor told him in a very unkind tone to tuck in his shirt. He said that post office regulations only allowed a square cut shirt tail. So my guy-not to be insubordinate-took out his pocket knife and with much flair cut off the bottom of his shirt to make it a squared shirt bottom. It was something that his fellow carriers remember well.
So, yesterday he took that mangled shirt and signed his name on it with red permanent marker. When he left he hung it over the stall where he parks his mail jeep.
I think he went out 'his way'.